Linked Open Data

Ms Ingrid Mason1

1AARNet, Canberra, Australia


Linked open data techniques are being used to support resource discovery (of researchers and research objects) or for capturing research data.  The intent is to gather together individuals both expert and would-be expert so that interest in the development of a community of practice can be explored.  The desired outcome would be a list of community members that would like to share information, practices and occasionally meet online, to discuss their work (successes or challenges).

This BoF session is an open call to eResearch community members who are interested in discussing linked open data techniques in service of eResearch. Participants will be conversant with metadata standards e.g. Dublin Core, Darwin Core, RIF-CS, PROV, research data management practices. The format of the BoF will be an open discussion and the session 30 minutes in duration.



Ingrid Mason, Deployment Strategist with AARNet, provides support for engagement and the uptake of the national research and education network (NREN) and services with AARNet members across the research, cultural and collections sectors. Ingrid has worked on several NCRIS programs: Australian National Data Service, National eResearch Collaborative Tools and Resources, and Research Data Services.

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