Research Data Stories: Struggles and Successes in Molecular Bioscience

Mr Steven Androulakis1, Ms Anna Fitzgerald2, Dr Andrew Treloar3, Dr Michelle Barker4, Lien Le5

1ANDS, NeCTAR, RDS, Parkville, Australia,
2Bioplatforms Australia, Sydney, Australia,
3ANDS, Caulfield, Australia,
4NeCTAR, Parkville, Australia,
5RDS, St Lucia, Australia


What do researchers want, anyway?

The experience of many researchers is too often one of time-consuming struggle: installing tools, fixing code, integrating data, uncovering inconsistencies and understanding complex formats. How can eResearch practitioners help?

While eInfrastructure projects such as ANDS, Nectar, and RDS are helping to ease collaboration and analysis, there’s so much more to be done.

This BOF presents reflections of molecular bioscience science researchers to the eResearch Australasia audience to:

1.       Provide the eResearch audience with a direct perspective from researchers of working with research data and software tools

  • Present and discuss patterns of success
  • Seed deeper engagement between researchers and eResearch practitioners going forward
  • Help the eResearch audience conceptually link data and tool activity in the molecular bioscience domain with other domains

Researchers will share stories of opportunity, success, and frustration in working with and understanding data and associated tools. They will offer suggestions of where eInfrastructure could help them be more efficient in their science, and invite the audience to provide their perspectives on addressing their most pressing issues.

Researchers giving presentations will be from a diverse set of scientific and organisational backgrounds, and at varying stages of their careers.

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Short presentations, followed by a group discussion



Steve Androulakis is responsible for facilitating the strategic development and operational implementation of research community engagement at the Nectar, ANDS and RDS projects. In particular, Steve will support the ANDS, Nectar and RDS Directorates in providing management across a broad portfolio of projects focused on the development and delivery of community building and engagement programs for domain, technical and method stakeholders in research communities.

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