Research Integrity and Ethics in the Cloud

Paul Wong1, Karen Mecoles2, Lien Le3, Gary Allen4, Jeff Christiansen5, Hamish Holewa6, Helen Morgan7, Nicholas Smale8

1 Australian National Data Service (ANDS), Canberra, Australia,

2 National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (Nectar), Melbourne, Australia,

3 Research Data Services (RDS), Brisbane, Australia,

4 Office for Research, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia,

5 Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF), Brisbane, Australia,

6 Quadrant, Brisbane, Australia,

7 Scholarly Communication and Repository Services, University of Queensland, Australia,

8 Research Ethics and Integrity, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia,



  • This is a half day workshop
  • This is a facilitated workshop including a panel from research offices, eResearch service providers and research supports.


As cloud technologies are becoming cheaper and more accessible, it is becoming more attractive and cost effective to conduct research in the cloud – from the collection, processing, analysis and storage of data to the dissemination and sharing of research publications, software and data.  However, this also raises a number of research integrity and ethics issues, some old and some new, in the use of cloud for research.  As the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research is currently under review, it is a timely occasion to revisit the broad relationship between research integrity, ethics and the cloud.

In this half day facilitated workshop, ANDS, Nectar and RDS will bring together practitioners from research offices, research supports, and eResearch service providers to consider key research integrity and ethics issues around the use of cloud for research.  Over the course of the workshop, we’ll raise pertinent issues such as

  • Privacy (of human data)
  • Confidentiality (of sensitive data)
  • Utility (ease of access driving research efficiency)
  • Shareability (data discoverability and accessibility allowing reuse)
  • Stability (long term accessibility)
  • Copyright, licensing and ownership
  • Jurisdictional and policy issues across institutional, state and national boundaries

The structure of the workshop will include:

  1. Perspectives on the relationship between research integrity, ethics and the cloud – presentations by panel

        12 minutes x 5

  1. Facilitated panel discussions: 30 minutes
  2. Q&A from audience to panel: 30 minutes
  3. Scenario based breakout group work: 60 minutes


This is a workshop designed for researchers, eResearch service providers and research support staff to raise awareness of key research integrity and ethics issues around the use of cloud based technologies for research.


Bring your laptops or mobile devices as there’ll be a breakout session involving group works based on several work case scenarios.


Paul Wong is Senior Data Management Specialist with ANDS. In the last 18 months, Paul has been working closely with the ARC, NHMRC and Research Integrity Offices around Australia in the delivering a national workshop series at the intersection between research data management and research integrity. Paul was former Director of Office of Research Excellence at the ANU.

Karen Mecoles is Communication and Project Coordinator with NeCTAR. With a varied background in humanities, teaching and IT, Karen has held many roles in the University sector including academic, student advisor and IT developer. Karen has been a member of the NeCTAR team for over 6 years.

Lien Le is currently Deputy Director of RDS and responsible for the technical and strategic directions of RDS domain projects. Lien was previously the Senior Bioinformatics Team Leader at the Research Computing Centre, University of Queensland. She formed part of the Queensland EMBL Bioinformatics Resource node in conjunction with the hub at the University of Melbourne to gather bioinformatics expertise. She instigated and led the successful setup of an Australian based data repository.

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