Stories that Data Tells And Beyond: Successes and Challenges of a Data Science Practitioner

Dr Shonali Krishnaswamy1

1Chief Technology Officer, Artificial Intelligence Driven Analytics (AiDA)


This talk will present case studies of how data science and machine learning are transforming organisations across sectors including Telecommunications, Transportation, Financial Services and Healthcare. The case studies will discuss a spectrum of challenges such as: extracting deep insights from sparse and not-so-rich data, innovating through smart applications of current methods and creation of new techniques and approaches to solve challenges. As the practice of data science matures and real-world implementations of machine learning become widespread, there are key challenges that need to be addressed in enabling the discipline and technology to scale. The talk will discuss the very real challenges of “solutionising” machine learning, and the difficulty of moving from point solutions that are the norm today to re-usable solutions in the future. The talk will also present key research challenges that need to be addressed to enable the next generation of machine learning systems that “learn to learn” from data and beyond –  including background knowledge, user feedback, and observations.

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