AUS-SPECCHIO: taking spectroscopy data from the sensor to discovery

A/Prof. Laurie Chisholm1, Dr Cindy  Ong1, Dr Andreas Hueni1

1University Of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia


Title AUS-SPECCHIO: taking spectroscopy data from the sensor to discovery
Synopsis AUS-SPECCHIO is national spectral information system supported by the Australian Government through the NCRIS Australian National Data Service. Funded as a data capture project, the mission of the system is to collate, share and discover new and existing spectral libraries related to any earth and environmental feature. AUS-SPECCHIO is open source for the benefit of all proximal and remote sensing researchers, established from user demand with functionality based upon extensive stakeholder consultation, feedback, and testing. The system incorporates features such as: a metadata standard to improve interoperability and sharing, links to published best practice guides, mechanisms to house validation data associated with spectra, semi-automated operations such as automatic validation of airborne hyperspectral data and a metadata export feed to ANDS RDA. Currently hosted by the University of Wollongong, a transition is planned to Geoscience Australia where the use of the system will extend to sensor calibration and meet the national call for validation of image products housed in Digital Earth Australia.
Format of demonstration Video, Slide Show
Presenter(s) Laurie Chisholm, Associate Professor, University of Wollongong (presenter), Cindy Ong, Andreas Hueni
Target research community Australian Proximal and Remote Sensing Community
Statement of Research Impact Case studies from operational testing and use will be shown which demonstrate the capacity of the system to capture and manage an expanding range of spectroscopy research data to support research.  As the basis of a spectral information system, AUS-SPECCHIO is delivering a benefit to the end users by greatly improved management of existing and new data, increased data quality by applying algorithms to a centralised and well-defined data pool, facilitating quicker acquisition to product/publication cycles, and supporting sensor calibration and satellite image product validation. The newly structured and enhanced version of AUS-SPECCHIO, including a robust metadata standard has served as a model for international adoption.
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A/Prof Laurie Chisholm has over 20 years of experience in remote sensing and spatial analysis in the environmental sciences.  She is Project Leader for the ANDS DC-10 project to develop a national spectroscopy information system, “AUS-SPECCHIO”. She has particular expertise in the use of hyperspectral data to discriminate between plant species, and to assess the physiological effects of various stressors (fungal, nutrient, water) on spectral reflectance. Additional research interests focus on evaluating the impact of disturbance events on ecosystem function and resilience at the landscape scale using satellite imagery. She has been a participant in several TERN Auscover supersite field campaigns, conducting vegetation surveys in support of airborne remote sensing data acquisition.  Currently Laurie is multi-sensor remote sensing data  to map invasive plant species for input into a novel mixed-methods cultural environmental research framework to address Natural Resource Management issues.

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