Building Artificial Intelligence workflows for 21st Century research

Andrew Underwood1 and guest from NVIDIA

1Dell EMC, High-Performance Computing Leader, Dell EMC Australia and New Zealand


The world we know is built on artificial intelligence; Netflix suggests our entertainment, Facebook suggests or friends, and transportation is fast becoming driverless.

The potential for artificial intelligence in the field of scientific research has the same potential to complete tasks that may be mundane, impossible (or so we thought!) or too complex for us to undertake manually. This session will take you through the concept of the modern day precursor to artificial intelligence, known as “Deep Learning” and how Dell EMC PowerEdge HPC systems with NVIDIA technology can be used to build your first “AI workflow”.




Andrew Underwood leads the Dell EMC High-Performance Computing and Machine Learning strategy in Australia and New Zealand. His passion for innovation has driven him to architect some of the world’s largest and most powerful Supercomputers and Artificial Intelligence platforms critical to the scientific advancement and global economic competitiveness of our clients throughout the world.

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