The Astronomy Data and Computing Services (ADACS) Story

Dr Jenni Harrison1,2, Professor Andrew Rohl3

1Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, , Australia,

2CSIRO, , Australia,

3Curtin University, Bentley, Australia


Title The Australian Data and Computing Services (ADACS) Story
Synopsis ADACS has been established and is funded by Astronomy Australia Ltd (AAL).  ADACS is providing eResearch services exclusively tailored for the needs of the Australian Astronomy community. Services are being delivered via a unique partnership that has been created between Swinburne University, Curtin University and the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.  By offering bespoke training, support and expertise astronomers are being supported to maximise the scientific return from eResearch infrastructure.
Format of demonstration Slide Show
Presenter(s) Dr Jenni Harrison, Director of Strategic Projects and Engagement, Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and

Professor Andrew Rohl, Director of Curtin Institute for Computation and Professor of Computational Science, Curtin University

Target research community Astronomy, or anyone who may wish to use the ADACS model to deliver eResearch services to other communities.
Statement of Research Impact ADACS was only established in March 2017, and hence it is too early too early to evaluate the impact of this in initiative on research. ADACS will be evaluated in due course, with research impact considered.
Request to schedule alongside particular conference session If possible co-located with “National Programs and Partnerships”


Any special requirements Standard AV, to allow two presenters with questions




Jenni is the Director of Strategic Projects and Engagement at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre in WA.  Jenni’s present responsibilities include leading projects in areas of national priority, such as astronomy and as a result she currently co-Directs the ADACS initiative.  Jenni is also responsible for engagement and correspondingly is leading the Capital Refresh for the next generation of supercomputing, data and associated services for Pawsey expected by 2020.  For 5 years previously, Jenni led the Data (and eResearch) Team at Pawsey.  Prior to working in Australia, Jenni directed significant Digital Health Education and Research projects for approximately 5 years, for the NHS in Scotland.  Before this role, Jenni for the policy advisor in eResearch to the Ministry of Research, Science and technology in New Zealand.

Andrew is the Director of the Curtin Institute for Computation and has been engaged in eResearch service delivery from its inception in Australia.  Prior to being the Executive Director of iVEC (now Pawsey), he was part of the grid computing program in the Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing.  As iVEC Executive Director, Andrew was a key contributor to attracting $80 Pawsey Centre Funding to iVEC.  Andrew is currently the independent Board Member on the NeSI.

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