Victorian Marine Data Portal (VMDP) – Leveraging the IMOS AODN Portal work

Dr Christopher McAvaney1, Dr Alex Rattray2, Ms Michelle Watson3

1 Deakin University, Waurn Ponds, Australia,
2 Deakin University, Warrnambool, Australia,
3 Deakin University, Geelong, Australia,



Supported by the High Value Collection (HVC) program of Australian National Data Service (ANDS), Deakin University has collaborated with the University of Tasmania (via the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies – IMAS) and the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS) NCRIS capability to implement an instance of the Australasian Ocean Data Network (AODN) portal.

The newly launched Victorian Data Marine Portal (VMDP) provides access to marine data collected by Deakin researchers, and brings together data collected by various research organisations including DELWP, Parks Victoria, and the CSIRO. All the data is openly accessible, supporting the search and discovery of Victorian marine spatial data by researchers and governments, as well as community groups and the general public. The portal complements regional, national and global knowledge databases including Seamap Australia.

The poster will provide an overview of the project, highlighting benefits and value including:

  • The collection, collation and preservation of Victorian marine habitat data from various agencies
  • The provision of access to important research data via a single portal
  • The implementation of a classification scheme to describe the data in a uniform way, and to facilitate discovery
  • Support for ongoing research in this area by simplifying the discovery process and encouraging serendipitous discovery of research data
  • Recognising and re-using the work undertaken by IMOS in support of the AODN Portal software stack (Java Tomcat, GeoNetwork and GeoServer on a PostgreSQL database with GIS extensions)
  • Ability to use ArcMap/ArcGIS or QGIS to interact with the portal

Built to support the ongoing ingestion of new marine datasets, the poster will include a detailed view of the VMDP marine research data lifecycle, from the collection of data via instruments through to the ingestion into the portal.

The poster will also touch on future work to support marine research expected to be undertaken over the coming months, including:

  • Enhancing collecting information through digitisation of analogue video
  • Collaboration with UTAS/IMAS for Seamap Connections (aggregation of aggregations)



Christopher McAvaney is Services Manager, eResearch at Deakin University, responsible for establishing and implementation an eResearch program of work from eSolutions at Deakin University. A key deliverable of Christopher’s work is articulating a range of research services within the ICT service catalogue of the university. Christopher’s role involves working with eSolutions (central ICT), Deakin University Library and Deakin Research (the research office) to ensure that a coherent and consistent approach is followed. An important aspect of his role is collaborating with external partners at the state and national level to build local and global collaboration opportunities. Christopher’s research background is in parallel and distributed systems, in particular applied research around an automated parallelisation tool.

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