10 Sports Science Things – building a strong data management culture

Mr Cameron Barrie1, Mrs Linda Forbes1

1Victoria University, Footscray, Australia


Victoria University has a strong track record in producing high quality research in sports science. We are noted as one of the best institutions to study or conduct research into sport science and are ranked Top #20 in the World[1] and produce research well above world average in Human Movement and Sports Science. We have built strong connections to industry e.g. AFL and FIFA (World Cup soccer), and are data-intensive in this discipline area.  But what are we doing to make this research data more FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable)?

Sports science has not had a 23 Research Data Things focus to date and it was decided that producing a 10 Sports Science Data Things guide. Creating the guide would be a good opportunity for VU Library to engage with this group of researchers around the issues or challenges Sports Researchers have around managing their data e.g. storage, description, documentation, archiving etc. 10 Sports Things also starts a conversation around the opportunities that exist when you add value to datasets such as: increased collaboration with other researchers (nationally & internationally), further engagement with industry (enhanced translation), exploiting Australia’s data advantage in this discipline, and accelerating innovation to broaden the impact of our research output.

10 Sports Science Data Things is a self-paced learning program that provides an opportunity for our sports researchers and research students to explore issues surrounding the management of research data.

The activities in this learning program aim to encourage better data management practices and get them thinking about possibilities they may not have considered.

[1] https://www.vu.edu.au/study-at-vu/why-choose-vu/our-global-ranking


Cameron Barrie, Research Services Librarian with Victoria University, provides support to researchers and research students across the university. He has nearly 20 years work experience in academic libraries and is passionate about the role research plays in driving innovation. He has a particular interest in new technologies and finding more efficient ways to get things done.

Linda Forbes, College Librarian for Sport & Exercise Science and Engineering & Science. She provides advice and leadership in library liaison and collaborative work with teaching and research staff. She is passionate about library and educational environments and their ability to extend participatory learning and building connected communities through library programs and services.