2020 Invited Speakers

We’re delighted to have an outstanding selection of invited speakers joining us at eResearch Online 2020.

Mahesh Prakash

Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO Data61

I am the Project Leader for the collaborative project being carried out by CSIRO’s Data61 in Indonesia in partnership with various agencies including the UN Pulse Labs Jakarta. The team in Data61 is heavily multi-disciplinary in nature and includes experts in Natural Language Processing, Epidemiological Modelling, Agent Based Mobility (transportation) Modelling, Earth Observation Modelling and Analytics and Software Engineering and Visualisation. Our aim is to leverage the crisis situation currently facing Indonesia and use it to capacity build agencies in Indonesia with advanced methods in Data Analytics and Modelling that can be utilised well beyond the immediate needs of this pandemic. We are doing this via building trusted partnerships and developing open source scalable tools on the cloud. I am also a Group Leader and Senior Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO’s Data61.

Ellen Broad

Senior Fellow, College of Engineering and Computer Science at the Australian National University

Ellen is a writer, researcher and Senior Fellow with the 3A Institute, founded by Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell within the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Australian National University. Ellen has spent more than a decade working in the technology sector in Australia, the UK and Europe, in roles spanning policy, standards and engineering for organisations including CSIRO’s Data61, the Open Data Institute in the UK and as an adviser to UK Cabinet Minister Elizabeth Truss. She is a frequent keynote speaker and writer on AI and governance issues and has written for publications including The Guardian, New Scientist and Griffith Review. She is the author of Made by Humans: the AI Condition (Melbourne University Publishing, 2018) and co-designer of a board game about open data, alongside ODI Vice President Jeni Tennison, that is being played in 19 countries.


Hilary Hanahoe

Secretary General, Research Data Alliance

Hilary Hanahoe was appointed Secretary General of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) in February 2018. Her responsibilities include leadership of RDA’s membership, effective management of the RDA organization and its legal entity (RDA Foundation), engagement with RDA funders, stakeholders and organisations, and sustainable stewardship of the dynamic, active, and high-impact community of over of over 11,000 individual members from 145 countries worldwide, together with over 60 organisational members. Hilary is responsible for the financial and organisational sustainability of RDA on an international level and is the CEO of the RDA Foundation offices (Global and Europe). She works closely with the RDA Council and all governance boards and members of the RDA community. She is passionate about the work of the Research Data Alliance and its vibrant, volunteer community working to enable the open sharing and reuse of data

Gareth Davies

Geoscience Australia

Gareth Davies works for Geoscience Australia on a range of coastal hazards projects, with a particular focus on tsunami hazards.  He supports tsunami risk management in Australia via advice to cross-jurisdictional groups with emergency management responsibilities; is co-chair of the science working group of the Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre (in collaboration with the Bureau of Meteorology); and contributes to the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System.

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