Life, Death and Data: data collection, use and interpretation in 2020

Ellen Broad

Australian National University

2020 has been a year of bushfires and floods, sickness and lockdown, and economic, social and political upheaval. Through it all, how data is collected, how it is curated and analysed, and how decision makers and the public use it have been themes never far from the surface of these changes in society. We explore key moments in 2020 and what they reveal to us about future data trends shaping our roles as data custodians, architects, analysts and re-users.

Ellen is a writer, researcher and Senior Fellow with the 3A Institute, founded by Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell within the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Australian National University. Ellen has spent more than a decade working in the technology sector in Australia, the UK and Europe, in roles spanning policy, standards and engineering for organisations including CSIRO’s Data61, the Open Data Institute in the UK and as an adviser to UK Cabinet Minister Elizabeth Truss. She is a frequent keynote speaker and writer on AI and governance issues and has written for publications including The Guardian, New Scientist and Griffith Review. She is the author of Made by Humans: the AI Condition (Melbourne University Publishing, 2018) and co-designer of a board game about open data, alongside ODI Vice President Jeni Tennison, that is being played in 19 countries.

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