Solving the e-Research Data Challenge with Hybrid Cloud Technologies

John Martin

Office of the CTO, NetApp APAC


When exponentially increasing data needs meets linear unit cost reductions, the resulting technical optimisations are often at odds with leveraging FAIR datasets across research projects. This presentation outlines the current state of the dilemma and proposes a way forward that focuses on accelerating research outcomes, and creating self-funding citable datasets.


John Martin, Director of Strategy and Technology, Office of the CTO, NetApp APAC

Based in Sydney, John is responsible for developing and advocating NetApp’s solutions for Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and large scale Data Lakes across the APAC region. He is one of the driving forces behind NetApp’s continued expansion into hybrid cloud architectures and machine and deep learning and works closely with field sales, the channel, and alliance technology partners to provide innovative solutions that solve customer business challenges.

While John is NetApp’s Hybrid Cloud and AI champion, he continues to provide technology insights and market intelligence to trends that impact both NetApp and its customers. Prior to his current role, John was NetApp’s ANZ’s principal technologist for over six years and has over 20 years’ experience working in the IT industry.