2021 Abstract Submission

30 AUGUST 2021
BoF Sessions, Oral Presentations, Lightning Talks

10 SEPT 2021
Poster Submissions CLOSE

24 SEPT 2021
Early & Presenter registration CLOSE

Invitation to Present


On behalf of the Program Committee, thank you to everyone who has submitted a BoF Session, Oral Presentation or Lightning Talk abstract for the 2021 eResearch Australasia Conference. We expect acceptance notification emails for these presentation types to be distributed in late August.

Whilst the call for the above presentations has closed, if you have missed the deadline and would like to submit an Oral Presentation or Lightning Talk abstract please contact mail@conferencedesign.com.au as the committee may consider late submissions.

The call for Poster submissions will remain open until 10 September.

Loretta Davis, Alex Reid
Co-Chairs, 2021 eResearch Australasia Conference Program Committee

Abstract Enquiries

Please contact Conference Design for all abstract submission enquiries or assistance.

Topics and Streams
  • eResearch Sustainability
  • Global Approach
  • Sector-wide Initiatives
  • Government inc PFRAs
  • Cross-sector Initiatives
  • Research Software Engineering (RSE)
  • Collaboration, Inclusion and co-creation of knowledge
  • eResearch Workforce (inc. Diversity and Inclusion)
  • Connected Researcher
  • Skills Providers
  • Designing, implementing and delivering training
  • Specialist Skills and Training
  • Data Management, Data Growth and Movement
  • Sensitive, Secure and Ethics-Controlled Data
  • Indigenous Data
  • Data Citation, Identity and Credit
  • Data repositories
  • Data and Vocabulary Governance and Sustainability
  • Software Development
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • FAIR for Research Software
  • Workflow systems
  • HPC Software development (inc.  Jupyter)
  • eResearch Infrastructure and Projects
  • Data and computational infrastructure (inc. Cloud, Commercial Cloud and HPC)
  • Persistent Identifiers  in eResearch
  • Virtual Research Environments inc. Virtual Labs and Visualisation
  • Security
  • Instruments
  • Transdisciplinary Research
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Health and Medical inc. COVID
  • Space Agencies, Astronomy
  • Earth and environmental sciences
  • Other research areas
Presentation Formats

While you will be asked to indicate your preferred presentation format, the program committee may request an alternative format be considered. The committee will allocate presentations to the program taking into account the preference of authors and the balance of the program.


  • BoFs (birds of a feather sessions) are extended sessions that bring together individuals interested in each topic for guided discussion and networking. They provide a more open forum for exploring issues and questions, such as a panel or point/counterpoint format.
  • When submitting, BoF sessions should be specified as 30, 60 or 90 minutes in duration.
  • BoFs are planned to be delivered as live sessions using Zoom meetings. The Zoom meeting details will be available via the eResearch OnAIR portal (the online conference portal), allowing people to easily join your session and navigate between other activities.
  • The Conference Managers will set up the Zoom meeting for you. At the time of the session a member of the support team will start the meeting then transfer hosting to the primary convener so you may run the session as you wish.
  • Zoom meetings will have break out rooms activated for those requiring this functionality.

Oral Presentations

  • Standard presentations are short conversation starters which provide enough information to encourage the audience to engage and seek further information.
  • Oral Presentations will be 15 minutes pre-recorded presentations plus 5 minutes for live Q&A, shown in a concurrent session with 3 – 4 other presentations.

Lightning Talks

  • These are 5-minute presentations in which participants speak about their ideas, current activities, challenges and professional passions.
  • It is expected Lightning Talks will be 5 minutes pre-recorded presentations, shown in a session with 4 – 5 other presentations, followed by by live open forum Q&A.


  • Static Poster’s will be available to view on demand at the time of the conference in the poster gallery with the option to include a short 2-minute pre-recorded video about their poster.
  • A dedicated poster session is planned, which will give presenters the opportunity to network and engage directly with conference attendees.

Authors should:

  • Use the provided template to assist with writing your abstract, then copy and paste the text into the submission portal.
  • Where possible, format abstracts as:
    • Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion, or
    • Background (problem statement and project aim), Method or Actions, Results, Conclusion, or
    • Situation, Task, Action, Result (STAR)
  • Abstracts are limited to 250 words.
  • Leave one line between paragraphs.
  • Specify all abbreviations in full at the first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses, thereafter abbreviation only should be used.
  • Your abstract need to be written in English.
  • Your abstract should be checked thoroughly for spelling and grammar.
  • Do not include references.

How to submit

Abstracts must be submitted electronically through the submission portal at the top of this page. You will be required to enter:

  • The title of your presentation
  • Preferred presentation type
  • A topic/theme most suitable to your presentation
  • Authors’ names (indicate presenting author), affiliations, and biography (up to 100 words – presenting author/s only).
  • Consent to having a recording of your presentation available for viewing by registered delegates in the conference portal for 3 months following the eResearch Conference.
  • Abstract (using the provided template, then copy and paste the text into the submission portal).


Please complete all author details requested in the online portal. Note the submitting author will be considered the principal point of contact for all communication regarding the abstract including acceptance notification.

If it is your first time submitting an abstract, you will need to create a new account with your email address and make up a password. If you are logging into an existing account, you will need to log in with your existing email address and password.

You can return to the abstract submission portal and submit another abstract at any time, however once an abstract has been submitted you will not be able to edit this. If you wish to make any changes, please email an edited version of your abstract to mail@conferencedesign.com.au.

By submitting an abstract all authors agree to release the content to the Conference organisers and give permission to publish the abstract in the conference publications and on the website, and in so doing certify that the abstract is an original work.

Review Process

Selections for all submissions will be based on the following criteria:

  • Interest and relevance to the eResearch community
  • Novelty and timeliness of content
  • Potential to be engaging and enhance the conference
  • Quality of the submission – clarity and readability
  • Sufficiency of information
  • Authors will be notified of acceptance/rejection of abstract via email in late August.

Confirming your presentation

Authors are required to confirm your intention to present at the conference by completing the online acceptance confirmation form within 2 weeks of receiving notification that your submission has been accepted.

Failure to notify the conference managers of your intention to present may result in your presentation being withdrawn from the program.

Presenter Registration

All presenters will be required to register for the conference and pay the appropriate registration fee.

It will be assumed that any presenter not registered has withdrawn from the program and their abstract will be removed from conference publications.

Presentations (live and pre-recorded) will be made available to registered delegates for viewing in the eResearch Online Conference Portal following your presentation for three months unless you advise otherwise. Any additional files authors choose to share, as well as live Q & A/panel discussions will also be available to view during and after the presentation. Access to the Portal will be password protected and limited to conference registrants.


If presentations are to be used or published in any other format or forum, your specific consent will be requested. Please ensure you have permission to use any images, music or content within your presentation. If you do not have copyright permission, your presentation will not be able to be used or published. Do not include any images copied from the internet.

Copyright Ownership

Consenting to have your presentation available in the portal or used in an alternative publication will not affect your ownership rights. The conference committee, or Conference Design will not acquire the ownership rights of your presentation should you agree for it to be included or used.

Will people be able to record or download my presentation?

During the registration process, delegates must acknowledge and agree to the virtual conference Terms & Conditions, which include strict rules around unauthorised photography and recording of convention material. While these measures can be taken, we cannot enforce this rule in an online environment. The assumption should be made that participants may indeed take unauthorised photographs, screenshots, audio, or video recordings, therefore you may wish to adjust the content of your presentation accordingly.

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