ARDC Establishment

Mr Rob Cook1

1ARDC Establishment Team, Bardon, Australia


The 2016 Research Infrastructure Roadmap set as a Digital Data and eResearch Platform priority the integration of the ANDS, Nectar and RDS Projects into a single Project called the Australian Data Research Cloud (ARDC) in the Roadmap.  As a result a team has been formed to plan the ARDC establishment.

This session will be conducted by the ARDC establishment team to communicate timeframes and work undertaken to date, and to engage the eResearch sector in a discussion about the ARDC, its mission and the way that the mission might be accomplished.

Further detail will be provided as and when it becomes available.

The ARDC Establishment team envisage a 60 minute session at this stage.


  1. Finkel A, 2016 Research Infrastructure Roadmap, Department of Education and Training


Rob Cook is a consultant to the ARDC Establishment team formed to guide this aspect of the Research Infrastructure Roadmap.  Most recently Rob has been CEO of QCIF Limited, the Queensland-based eResearch services provider and part of the Nectar and RDS national research cloud and data storage.  Rob operates Pangalax Pty Ltd, a consultancy firm in the field, that has a number of major eResearch projects.  Prior to that Rob was the chief executive of Astracon Inc. in Denver, CO and of CiTR Pty Ltd in brisbane.

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