Data Services Interest Group

Adrian Burton1, Ryan Fraser2, Cameron Moloney3, Aaron Sedgmen4, Jonathan Yu5, Lesley Wyborn6

1 Australian National Data Service, Canberra, Australia,
2 CSIRO, Perth, Australia,
3 Integrated Marine Observing System, Tasmania, Australia,
4 Geoscience Australia, Canberra, Australia,
5 CSIRO, Clayton, Australia,
6 National Computational Infrastructure, Canberra, Australia,



Data services in the research domain support the use of research collections and datasets by providing automated functions for the creation, access, processing and analysis of data. More and more data providers are publishing their data through services. It is an increasingly common design pattern for research applications and platforms, like for example the Nectar Virtual Labs, to consume such data access services and connect them with other services and tools for data analysis, processing, and visualization.

An Australian community of interest working group is being formed around data service provision and consumption across the NCRIS facilities, science agencies and universities. The Data Services Interest Group aims to exchange experience, establish visibility of data services, discuss interoperability issues and identify opportunities for collective action. Consistency in implementation of standards around services has been identified by the community as a key enabler of significant opportunities in this area.


This BoF will include

1. Background on the Data Services Interest Group
2. “Lightning talks” outlining current practice in data service provision and consumption (IMOS/MARVL, AuScope/VGL, GA, NCI)
3. Input from the audience on issues and opportunities for this group

The format of this 60 minute session will begin with short presentations followed by an open discussion where members of the audience will be invited to contribute.


Adrian Burton is a Director at the Australian National Data Services (ANDS). In this capacity he has a keen interest in national services that enable data publication, data discovery and data citation as well as the human support services that build the capability of researchers and research organisations to take advantage of data infrastructure. Adrian has provided strategic input into several national infrastructure initiatives, including Towards an Australian Research Data Commons, The National eResearch Architecture Taskforce, and the Australian Research Data Infrastructure Committee. Adrian is active in building national policy frameworks to unlock the value in the research data outputs of publicly funded research. Before being involved in research infrastructure Dr Burton taught South Asian Linguistics and conducted research at the Australian National University and was responsible for liaison between academic staff and central information and technology services.

Ryan Fraser is a Portfolio Manager with the CSIRO, with over 15 years of experience working in R&D, commercialisation of products and delivery to both government and industry using agile engineering methodologies. Ryan has led many Australian eResearch projects, including the AuScope Grid; Australian Spatial Research Data Commons; VGL; the Virtual Hazards, Impact and Risk Laboratory(VHIRL); ANDS and NeCTAR projects. Ryan possesses specialised knowledge and has current projects in spatial information infrastructures, data analytics, Cloud Computing, Data Management, and Interoperability and has extensive experience in managing and successfully delivering projects.

Aaron Sedgmen is a trained geoscientist although has spent most of his career in information management and ICT, working with geoscience/geospatial data and associated information systems. Over the last twenty five years Aaron has worked as a GIS analyst, database developer, web application developer, web operations manager and fulfilled various data management roles. In the last five years at Geoscience Australia Aaron has become a proponent of data access standards and enabling interoperability. Aaron is team leader of the Data Access and Services team, responsible for the governance and management of data access services, and promoting data access standards within the agency.

Jonathan Yu is a research computer scientist specialising in information architectures, data integration, linked data, Semantic Web, data analytics and visualisation. He is part of the Environmental Informatics group in CSIRO Land and Water. He obtained his PhD in Requirements-oriented Methodology for Ontology Evaluation at RMIT University in 2008.
He currently leads and supports the development of new approaches, architectures, methods and tools for transforming and connecting information flows across the environmental domain and the broader digital economy within Australia and internationally.

Lesley Wyborn is a geochemist by training and worked for BMR/AGSO/GA for 42 years in a variety of geoscience and geoinformatics positions. In 2014 she joined the ANU and currently has a joint adjunct fellowship with National Computational Infrastructure and the Research School of Earth Sciences. She has been involved in many NCRIS funded eResearch projects over the years. She is Deputy Chair of the Australian Academy of Science ‘Data for Science Committee’ and is co-chair of several RDA Interest Groups as well as a member of the AGU Earth and Space Science Executive Committee.

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