How to effectively create and execute a content marketing strategy with limited resources

Lauren Attana1, Sarah Nisbet1

1eRSA, Adelaide, Australia, 



Academic libraries & ITS Services frequently need to adapt the changing demands of learning, teaching and research. They often undergo comprehensive and wide-reaching transformation in how they create, use and support useful data discovery and management tools. however, they’re often restricted by limited budgets and lack marketing capability or resources to promote them. Content Marketing is a marketing engagement tool that can be easily added to the anyone’s outreach, promotion and communications tool kit – and overcome this issue.

There’s an opportunity within the eResearch space for Librarians and ITS staff to differentiate themselves by acting as managers/organizers of information and become recognized as a central learning space – all by putting a content marketing strategy in place. However, many operate without any strategy and tend to suffer from poorly written content, lack of interest/no perceived value from their audience as a result!

This workshop aims to demonstrate practical solutions on how to implement a simple, low cost, effective marketing strategy, with emphasis on the value of using content marketing.  Attendees of this workshop will come away with a strong understanding in the value of content marketing, immediately actionable content, and a marketing plan that will help shape their marketing activities for the future.

I will also delve how we successfully achieved our communications goals (increased open rates, hike in email subscribers, improved reputation) by moving away from ‘traditional marketing’ and building ‘relevant and personal’ content.

  1. Introduction

This session introduce what Content Marketing is, frame the workshop’s programme, touch on why you need to align your communications goals with your content development activities and why answering the “what’s in it for me” question in your content (i.e. articles, case studies, blogs etc) is the key to expanding the reach and awareness of your organization, service or tool.

        15 minutes

  1. Build it right and… it’s highly likely they will read it

“80 percent of decision-makers prefer to get information in a series of articles, versus an advertisement [aka traditional marketing].”

You are the expert in your organisation – or at least you know a great deal more about it than those who you want to see and use your services and tool. This means all your content you can create, and the only cost is your time. Given that that time is precious, in this practical session you will learn how to and actually create useable content for your institution, and how to reuse and recycle it!

        45 minutes

  1. Create a simple Content Marketing Plan

During this practical session, we will build a simple content marketing plan tailored to your institution/facility. It does not have to be elaborate, just clear and concise. It will outline your goals and target audience plus a detailed plan for how you will use the content you create to address them.

        55 minutes

  1. Closing Session Opportunity to ask additional questions.

        10 minutes


This workshop is targeted towards Librarians and ITS staff who want to actively market and promote their tools and services and raise their profile however are often restricted by limited budgets, resources and lack marketing capability or resources.


BYO Laptop & Charger and 2 or 3 “Communications Goals” you’d like to achieve.

For example:

  • increasing potential users or students,
  • retention of existing ones,
  • making more people aware of your research publications, data discovery services, or IT tools



Lauren Attana is the Marketing and Communications Officer at eRSA. She regularly works with researchers and commercial users as well as with a national network of cross functional institutions, departments and organisations.

Lauren has a Bachelor of Public Relations from the University of South Australia where she majored in Marketing. Previously from a financial planning background, she has extensive experience in implementing and overseeing internal and external marketing and communications programs.

At eRSA, she is heavily involved in projects relating to digital marketing, social media and internal communications.

Working within the Marketing team, she regularly assists with the delivery of creative and innovative marketing and communication solutions for local and national projects for eRSA, Nectar and various other institutions.


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