OzNome 5-star Tool: A Rating System for making data FAIR and Trustable

Dr Simon Cox1, Dr Jonathan Yu2

1CSIRO Land and Water, Clayton, Victoria, Australia, simon.cox@csiro.au

2CSIRO Land and Water, Clayton, Victoria, Australia, jonathan.yu@csiro.au


The OzNome initiative is seeking to connect information infrastructures across Australia and enable researchers, industry and key partners to achieve productivity gains around their discovery, access and use of data. While its origins are in earth and environmental data, the intended scope is more comprehensive. Tools and methods developed through OzNome will provide access to existing and emerging trusted, curated and well governed data ecosystems. A key concern in seeking to enhance the connectivity of information infrastructures is to understand the current state of a component data system, in particular considering the lifecycle of data from discovery, access, use and publication. Characterising the current state allows organisations and individuals to understand areas for improving their data collection, publication and connectivity to the broader community and digital ecosystem.

The OzNome team have developed a set of criteria under 14 headings to assess data collection, publication and service provisioning arrangements (see https://confluence.csiro.au/display/OZNOME/Data+ratings). This is based on experience with data services and supply chains, and rating systems and maturity models proposed over the years across different initiatives, e.g. 5* Linked Open Data[1], FAIR[2], Schema.org[3].

The rating system is implemented as the 5* OzNome Data tool (available at http://oznome.csiro.au/5star/) allows users to carry out a self-assessment by classifying the 14 facets into five qualities of data – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable and Trusted. For each quality, the user assesses the current state of their data offerings and products. They are given a rating out of 5 stars for each quality. In doing the self-assessment, users can also explore ways in which they are able to improve their data collection and how it is accessed by others. This gives data providers graduated targets to improve their data collection and publishing process.

Figure 1: Screenshot of the online OzNome 5* Data self-assessment tool

The 5* OzNome Data tool has been used to evaluate well-known services, such data available via the Australian Soil Resource Information System (ASRIS) (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: Evaluation of the ASRIS Soil Data available as OGC web services

This tool is able to be used to carry out a first pass assessment of current data provisioning arrangements. In this presentation we will provide details how this tool was developed as well as case studies carried out. In particular, we will present a case study carried out in partnership with the Bureau of Meteorology around the Australian Water Resource Assessments web services, which utilised the OzNome 5-star tool to assess current state and provide recommendations for improvement of data provisioning arrangements to enhance the potential uptake and use of their data assets.


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Dr Simon Cox is a research scientist in CSIRO Land and Water’s Environmental Information Systems research program.He specialises in distributed architectures and information standards for environmental data, focusing on geoscience and water. He leads several international standards activities for the Open Geospatial Consortium and the ISO Geographic Information Technical Committee. He also serves on the steering committee of the Ocean Data Interoperability Platform, on the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group, and on the technical advisory board of the Research Data Alliance. http://orcid.org/0000-0002-3884-3420

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