Researcher engagement and data inventory with the Data Lighthouse

Dr Elena Zudilova-Seinstra1

1Elsevier RDM Solutions, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,


When research data is openly available, the pace of scientific discovery is increased: researchers can verify findings, reproduce experiments, or reuse data to generate new findings. Many universities are actively working on adoption of the best data sharing practices to facilitate collaboration, optimize the use of their resources and acquire more funding. To achieve this, both infrastructure and engagement are equally important. University libraries are leading these efforts and recommend data sharing tools to their researchers. However, the researcher engagement still remains a challenge. As a result, adoption rates of in-house RDM services remain relatively low, while adoption of the open data repositories is mostly unknown.

To address the aforementioned problems, we have developed a new service to support reporting and communications regarding research data between librarians and researchers, called the Data Lighthouse [1]. The Data Lighthouse enables university libraries to communicate effectively with researchers in order to facilitate compliance with the best RDM practices, increase adoption rates of the data sharing tools available at the university and collect metadata around research datasets stored elsewhere.

The article publication event serves as a main trigger for the service to start. We reach out to researchers by email to:

  1. Check if any data sharing solution has been associated with this article already;
  • If not, recommend to store, share, link and publish relevant research data via open data repositories;
  • Monitor the progress and generate dashboards for librarians to assess the RDM compliance of their universities.

The Data Lighthouse is a new eResearch capability for keeping the track of research data and engaging with researchers in a proactive and adaptive manner. In this lightning talk, we will explain the Data Lighthouse functionality and present our main findings from the ongoing joint pilots with several research institutes.



  1. Zudilova-Seinstra, E., and de Waard, A., DATA LIGHTHOUSE: a service for Research Institutes to proactively engage with their researchers in the RDM space. RDAP 2017. Available from: , accessed 10 August 2017.


Dr. Elena Zudilova-Seinstra is a Senior Product Manager for Research Data at Elsevier. In her current role, she focuses on delivering tools that help researchers to share and reuse research data.  Before joining Elsevier, Elena worked at the University of Amsterdam, SARA Computing and Networking Services and Corning Inc. Elena holds an MSc degree in Technical Engineering and a PhD degree in Computer Science from the St. Petersburg State Technical University. She co-authored more than 60 research articles and book chapters.

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