Synch&Share (“ownCloud et al.”) operator’s BoF

Peter Elford, Mr Guido Aben1,Brett Rosolen

1AARNet, Kensington, Australia



Over the past few years, a number of research and education storage operators/providers and institutions in Australia have opted to augment their storage offering by providing a synch&share (“dropbox-like”) interface into their storage, next to the more traditional interfaces of FTP/NFS/CIFS/S3/Web etc. A handful of different packages exist to enable such a synch&share interface, but the predominant one is ownCloud and its recent fork NextCloud.  Indeed, many Australian research and education storage operators have opted to use an ownCloud or NextCloud package to provide cloud storage services with.

The potential existence of synergies between these cloud storage providers therefore warrants an exchange of knowledge and these topics will be tabled as discussion items:

  1. Technical as well as procedural and policy concerns – is harmonization desirable and/or attainable?
  • Joint operation and joint articulation of interests to vendors
  • Interoperability and reduction of silo development; this in light of the integrative goals of the Australian Research Data Cloud; with specific attention to use of the OpenCloudMesh interoperability standard[1]

The session with be initiated with a short presentation of operations at AARNet and recent experience with OpenCloudMesh and then opened to the floor for facilitated and interactive discussion as a 90 minute BoF.


  1. Available from:, accessed 23 June 2017

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