The Indigo Subsea Fibre System: eResearch Infrastructure in the Asian Century

Mr Peter Elford1

1AARNet, Yarralumla, Australia,



AARNet has entered into a consortium with Google, Indosat Ooredoo, Singtel, SubPartners, and Telstra to build a new international subsea cable system that will connect Singapore and Australia. Known as Indigo, the system will use coherent optical technology and spectrum sharing to deliver a minimum capacity of 18 terabits per second on each of two-fibre pairs. The broadband capacity that has been secured will meet the future growth in collaborative research, and transnational education, between Australia and our Asian partners for decades to come. This is the first time a National Research and Education Network (NREN) has entered into direct subsea ownership, and has been achieved without direct Commonwealth funding.

This lightning talk specifically relates to the Generating, Collecting and Moving Data theme, and highlights an outstanding example of national, sustainable, underpinning e-Infrastructure.


Peter Elford manages AARNet’s relationships across a broad range of Federal and state government agencies, and AARNet’s engagement with the Australian research community. He is a strong and passionate advocate for the role Information and Communications Technology (ICT) plays in enabling globally collaborative and competitive research through ultra-high speed broadband connectivity. Peter is an ICT professional with over 30 years’ experience within the government, education, research and industry sectors having worked at the Australian National University, AARNet (twice) and Cisco. In his first stint at AARNet (in 1990) he engineered much of the original Internet in Australia.

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