Collaborate, coordinate and thrive

Dr Markus Buchhorn1

1Australasian eResearch Organisations (AeRO), Canberra, Australia



The 2016 Research Infrastructure Roadmap1 references a vision for eResearch that includes an Australian Research Data Cloud. To establish it will require an ever-increasingly wide range of stakeholders and service providers to work together, to coordinate and align their platforms under a broad framework. However, to effectively use it across the entire national research endeavour will need much more than that. We will need the workforce to build, operate and support it. We will need the user community to be properly skilled and supported to take advantage of it. We will need the underpinning systems to be properly integrated with institutional services, with national and state scientific computing platforms, with international frameworks, and with emerging commercial services. We will need a rich and smooth flow of communication about the many services and benefits. We will need these services to be trustworthy and valued, and to increase their maturity as expectations continue to grow.

The Roadmap is largely silent on all these issues. The Members of AeRO though are collaborating hard to ensure that the many investments, from all sources, are properly coordinated, designed, deployed and operated, to ensure that researchers can thrive in the continuously growing data-driven research world. This presentation will discuss a range of activities to support AeRO Members to achieve these important goals, to seek input from the wider community, and to encourage more participation across the sector, ultimately to deliver a seamless and transformative experience for our research community.



  1. Research Infrastructure Roadmap, available from:, accessed 15 June 2017.



Markus is the Chief Executive Officer of AeRO.

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