Hivebench helps life scientists unlock the full potential of their research data

Mrs Elena Zudilova-Seinstra1, Mr Julien Therier1

1Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Title Hivebench helps life scientists unlock the full potential of their research data
Synopsis By integrating Hivebench ELN with an institutional repository, or the free data repository Mendeley Data, you can maximize the potential of your research data (see diagram below) and secure its long-term archiving. Hivebench supports compliance with data mandates and the storage of research process details, making results more transparent, reproducible and easier to store and share.

Indeed storing information in private files or paper notebooks poses challenges, not only for individual life scientists, but for their lab as a whole. An Electronic Lab Notebook stores research data in a well-structured format for ease of reuse, and simplifies the process of sharing and preserving information. It also structures workflows and protocols to improve experiment reproducibility.

Format of demonstration Live Demonstration
Presenter(s) Elena Zudilova-Seinstra, PhD

Sr. Product Manager Research Data

Elsevier RDM, Research Products

Target research community Whatever your role in the lab – researcher, PI, lab manager.
Statement of Research Impact Hivebench’s comprehensive, consistent and structured data capture provides a simple and safe way to manage and preserve protocols and research data.
Request to schedule alongside particular conference session Optional – List relevant conference sessions if any
Any special requirements Access to Internet connection.



I’m a Senior Product Manager for Research Data at Elsevier. In my current role I focus on delivering tools for sharing and reuse of research data. Since 2014 I have being responsible for the Elsevier’s Research Elements Program focusing on innovative article formats for publishing data, software and other elements of the research cycle. Before joining Elsevier, I worked at the University of Amsterdam, SARA Computing and Networking Services and Corning Inc.