The National Research Data Cloud 2025

Rob Cook1, Peter Elford2

1Pangalax, Brisbane, Australia,

2AARNet, Canberra, Australia,



The National Research Data Cloud (ARDC), integrating and further developing the work of the ANDS, Nectar and RDS Project, is a priority recommendation from the 2016 Research Infrastructure Roadmap [1]. As a result the Department of Education and Training has instigated a review, chaired by Professor Robyn Owens, to propose a future design for such a national research data cloud and a transition plan to move from the current situation towards the new design.

In this BoF Rob Cook will report the current state of the review and its proposals about potential future design characteristics, and his report will be followed by a panel session discussing and seeking feedback about important questions that have arisen during the review.  The panel discussion will be facilitated by Peter Elford and the panel itself will include representatives of all the major stakeholder groups.  The panellists will be asked to respond briefly and then a number of key questions will be posed to the panel and the audience.  The discussion is expected to explore how the future research data cloud could and should fit into the overall Australian e-Infrastructure landscape. There will be a particular focus on how the ARDC might interact with existing eResearch providers including NCI, Pawsey, AARNet, and the AAF, and with the universities, institutions and organisations that host the research communities we are collectively trying to serve. Attendees will be encouraged to consider what the ARDC will be like in 2025.   The BoF will focus on what might be possible rather than immediate next steps and its outputs will assist the current review process and provide some pointers to how future investment will provide the greatest national research impact.

This BoF aligns to The Connected Researcher theme, but is likely to be of wide interest to all attendees.

[1] 2016 Research Infrastructure Roadmap,



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