eResearch 2018 – Presenter Guidelines

Thank you for presenting at the 2018 eResearch Australasia Conference

Please check the online program to re-confirm the day, time and room of your presentation. Whilst we don’t anticipate any changes please check the program again prior to your session.

Below are some tips to assist you. Most importantly, please ensure you start and finish your presentations on time.

Please note: a “Session” is the full time slot between one break and the next (i.e. all inclusive, consecutive presentations that run from the end of morning tea until lunch).

Before the Session

  • Please load your presentation files to the online folder prior to arriving at the conference, ideally by COB Monday 15 October 2018. Files should be named with the day, session and time of your presentation (Day_Session_Time).

  • As a backup, bring your presentation files to the conference on a USB. Embed any content such as audio or video (don’t link to external files) and visit the Speaker’s Preparation Room on the first day of the conference (Wednesday). This will allow you and the technicians to identify any potential issues with your presentation and assist with the smooth running of the program. The registration staff will be able to direct you to the Speaker’s Preparation Room if required.
  • The presentation computers use PowerPoint with Windows operating system. As a backup, we suggest you bring your laptop if you use a Mac or require a specific or uncommon program. (Visit the Speakers Preparation Room on arrival to discuss with the technician)
  • Please ensure your PowerPoint presentations are in 16:9 aspect as 4:3 aspect (square) presentations will not fill the venue’s screens
  • Abstracts will be available on the conference website and also in the conference app. We will be emailing App download instructions to all delegates prior to the conference
  • The conference will seek your consent to post your presentation slides to the conference website following the event, you will receive an email following the conference with a link which will allow you indicate your consent online.

During the Session

  • Please go to your room 15 minutes prior to the commencement of your session to meet the session chair and familiarise yourself with the room
  • BoF Conveners are asked to facilitate/chair these sessions themselves keeping to time as allocated in the conference program.
  • Technicians will be roaming between the session rooms to provide assistance and troubleshoot technical issues in the unlikely event these arise
  • Please sit in the front row so you can move to the lectern quickly when introduced by the Session Chair.
  • The length of your presentation is noted in the program. Standard Presentations run for 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for Q&A and change over. We do not want to embarrass you, however the session chairs have been instructed to end all presentations after the allocated time, even if you are not finished, in order to keep the program to time
  • The session chair will flash time cards at 5 minutes, 2 minutes and 1 minute prior to the end of your session
  • At the end of your allocated time the chair will ring a bell for you to conclude immediately
  • The chair will only be able to field questions if you have finished in time
  • At the conclusion of the session any remaining time will be used for questions and discussion

If you have any queries please direct these to the registration desk during the conference or email prior to the conference.


There are no facilities for photocopying at the venue. We suggest you bring a copy of your slides and any handouts with you (if desired).


Lightning Talk Presenters

  • For hints and tips on presenting a lightning talk, presenters may be interested to read the following article about “mastering the 5 minute presentation”. Click here to read the article.