Getting onboard with CloudStor

Mr Chris Myers1

1AARNet, Carlton South, Australia, Chris


Cloudstor is an AARNet developed and supported service that enables AARNet customers and the wider community to quickly and securely sync, share and store files using the high-speed AARNet network.

We will present and demonstrate Cloudstors ability to support and interact with your scientific workflows to help improve outcome delivery, tools to help institutions support Cloudstor users and the provisioning of services. And how Cloudstor works and onboarding.

1. Session 1

a. service overview

i. How can Cloudstor support your current and future research data storage requirements.

b. Roadmap

i. New feature to be released over the next 12 months

c. What features are available

i. Cloudstor Filesender

1. sending files

2. receiving files

3. file encryption

ii. Cloudstor Owncloud

1. Synch and share desktop client

2. WEBDAV connections

3. MOBILE client

4. Sharing files with other Cloudstor users

5. Sharing files with external parties

6. Receiving files from external parties

iii. Rocket use

iv. Cloudstor S3 gateway

1. Sending and receiving

2. 3rdparty integration

2. Session 2

a. Tenant Portal

i. Provision institutes

1. Group drives

2. Collaborators

3. Users

ii. Support clients

iii. Monitor Usage

iv. Generate reporting

3. Session 3

a. Cloudstor and Workflow

i. Workflow discovery session

ii. Solution discussion

iii. Best practice overview

b. Onboarding

i. How we can help

ii. Support channels

iii. Support workflow

iv. What you need to know

v. Discussion on what we need to do to improve your experiences


Anyone who uses Cloudstor, Research support staff, IT support staff and researchers.


Laptop of any flavour.


Chris Myers is a data solutions specialist at AARNet helping support our members and clients who work in data intensive research environment and equip them with the tools and knowledge required to leverage the network, compute and storage investments and enable collaborative activities to accelerate research outcomes.

Chris is the product manager for Cloudstor

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