Introducing ReDBox 2: A Hands On Exploration of ReDBox 2 and the Provisioner for Institutions

Gavin Kennedy1, Dr Peter Sefton2, Andrew Brazzatti1, Moises Sacal Bonequi2, Michael Lynch2

1Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation, Brisbane, Australia,
2University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, Australia,


This is a hands-on workshop for institutions to preview the new ReDBox 2 Research Data Management platform. ReDBox is the most widely used research data management platform in Australian Universities, but with its focus on managing and publishing the metadata for data collections, it has never reached its potential as an end to end solution. QCIF and UTS have collaborated to develop ReDBox 2, a comprehensive platform to support the research data life cycle. It provides an integrated data management planning capability, it allows users to provision and manage research services such as storage infrastructure and it then supports the ingest of data packages using the DataCrate standard, allowing ReDBox to publish the data alongside the metadata. In developing ReDBox 2, we have focussed on making an easy to configure web application using Sails.JS, a modern javascript framework.

This workshop will be delivered in three parts:

Part 1 is an introduction to and discussion of ReDBox and the Provisioner (30 Minutes):

  1. Overview of ReDBox
  • The Mint Namespace Authority
  • Data Management Planning tools
  • Workspaces and Provisioning
  • Metadata and data harvesting and curation
  • DataCrate for data packaging
  • Publication workflows

PART 2 is a demonstration and hands-on exploration of RedBoX for institutions (120 Minutes):

  • Details of the technology stack (nodeJS, Sails, MongoDB)
  • How to install the platform
  • Loading data into Mint
  • Creating records, including DMPs, data records and publication records.
  • How to configure forms and workflows
  • How to integrate with services to create new workflows

PART 3 is a discussion on community involvement, timelines and future developments (30 minutes)


This workshop will be of interest to repository managers, data librarians and technical staff, as it will describe how the architecture of the platform supports the research data lifecycle. It does not assume extensive technical knowledge, so we encourage both developers and administrators to attend.


Attendees will need to bring a laptop with a web browser installed. During the workshop we will install additional software such as SSH/Putty and WinSCP or Cyberduck.


Dr Peter Sefton is the Manager, eResearch Support at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Before that he was in a similar role at the university of Western Sydney (UWS). At UTS Peter leads a team working with key stakeholders to implement university-wide eResearch infrastructure, including an institutional data repository, as well as collaborating widely with research communities at the institution on specific research challenges.

Gavin Kennedy is an IT research and solutions expert and is the head of Data Innovation Services at the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF).  Gavin leads the QCIF based development team responsible for ReDBox, the popular research data management and publishing platform. Gavin is a passionate advocate for Open Source platforms to support open research and the FAIR data principles. Gavin has over 30 years IT experience in organisations as diverse as CSIRO, General Electric and British Telecom.