Introduction to an Integrated Jupyter Notebook

Ingrid Mason1, Frankie Stevens1, Ghulam Murtaza2

1AARNet, Sydney, Australia,,
2Intersect Australia, Sydney, Australia,


The Introduction to Jupyter Notebook workshop will cover:

  1. What sort of tool a Jupyter notebook is
  • Where the Integrated Jupyter notebook (as a researcher tool) fits into different researchers’ toolkits
  • What advantages there are of using the notebook in the cloud versus on the desktop
  • Basic Python programming using a Jupyter notebook


The workshop is ~3 hours (including breaks):

  1. What is a Jupyter notebook and how does it function. 15 minutes
  2. Where does a Jupyter notebook fit in different researcher toolkits. 15 minutes
  3. Why use Jupyter notebook on a desktop and why use it in the cloud. 20 minutes
  4. Basic Python programming using a Jupyter notebook. 75 minutes


The workshop is targeted at data librarians, research support, and eResearch professionals interested in what the Jupyter notebook does, how it works, and how it can be used to train researchers in basic programming skills.  Workshop participants will want to know where the Jupyter notebook fits into different researchers’ toolkits (along with Excel, SPSS, Stata, RebExr, RStudio, or MatLab). This workshop will include basic programming commands using the basics of the Python programming language.


Workshop preparation:

  • Come with a laptop and with a CloudStor account setup


Workshop breakdown:

  • Workshop is half-day and includes a hands-on component
  • Up to 40 attendees with no special seating or table requirements


Ingrid, Frankie and Ghulam are eResearch specialists with extensive experience in researcher engagement, training, and have expertise in research data and technologies across STEM and HASS research areas.

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