Next Generation eResearch Leaders Roundtable



  • The intent of the workshop is to provide a series of sessions which are highly interactive, with practical exercises which demonstrate in a practical sense the key learning outcomes.  The style of sessions also allows for the knowledge of the participants to be shared as well as an opportunity for the participants to have access to
  • maximum of 36 participants.


The Next Generation eResearch Leaders Roundtable is a small-cohort workshop for new managers or leaders working in the eResearch system and individuals actively seeking their first management/leadership role. The roundtable provides over six hours of sessions, designed to broaden perspectives and develop leadership abilities, enabling attendees to assume greater leadership roles within their organisations.  The goals of the workshop are to enhance grounding in the overall context in which leadership takes place in the eResearch sector, develop an understanding of the style and context in which decisions are made, and enhance awareness of the need for strong communication, partnership building, and organisational skills.

You’ll have time for reflection, synthesis, and informal networking during the eResearch Australiasia Conference.

You will have the opportunity to develop relationships with a cohort you can turn to for advice and guidance as you progress in the CIO and/or CISO role.



A 9.00am start and 5.00pm finish

1 hour for lunch

  1. Leadership in the eResearch Landscape.

60 minutes

  1. Emotional Intelligence.

45 minutes

  1. Influencing with Stories.

60 minutes

  1. Lunch

60 minutes

  1. 20/20 insight session.

60 minutes

  1. Spheres of Influence and Partnerships.

45 minutes

  1. Organisational Decision Making.

60 minutes

  1. Leadership Roundtable.

60 minutes


The workshop is aimed at eResearch professionals who are in a management/leadership role or who aspire to be the next generation of managers and leaders in eResearch.


No special requirements for delegates.


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