EuropeanaTech and Europeana Research

Ms Ingrid Mason1

1AARNet, Canberra, Australia,


Europeana [1], the pan-Europe cultural heritage infrastructure and discovery platform, enables access to European cultural heritage data collections.  The aim of this presentation is to apprise the eResearch community of the state of play of development and capability within the Europeana technology community, and to highlight the researcher focused services provided by Europeana.

The presentation will consist of a pulse report and a précis.  The pulse report is on the EuropeanaTech conference 15-16 May 2018 held in Rotterdam, Netherlands [2] covering the major topics of interest and the themes arising from this significant triennial technology conference for the European digital cultural heritage community.  The précis is of the Europeana infrastructure and the services targeted at the research community.

The progress enabled through European investment in digital cultural heritage infrastructure stands as a useful reference point and example for the Australasian eResearch community.  Firstly, in its capacity to support data intensive research in the humanities and arts, where cultural heritage data is an input, and secondly, its strategic affiliations with European research infrastructures e.g., CLARIN [3], DARIAH [4], EHRI [5], EUDAT [6], Parthenos [7] and the European research libraries community through LIBER [8].


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Ingrid Mason is a technologist, librarian, deployment strategist, and data specialist. Ingrid leads change associated with digital transformation and manages online and software development projects for academic researchers and cultural sector practitioners. She is also a self-professed metadata nerd and digital curator that has found a workplace that satisfies her interests in culture and society, humanities research, informatics, software and the web.

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