How #ResBaz provides cost-effective digital literacy PhD training for communities

Dr Chris Tuke Flanders1, Dr Tyne Daile Sumner1

1University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia


The Research Bazaar (est at UniMelb) is now in its 5th year as a global community with over 17 participating Universities worldwide.  #ResBaz is a grassroots effort to improve how PhDs, postgrads and postdocs can keep up to speed with the ever changing digital tools+data ecosystem.  The community continues to grow founded by its pedagogical principles of: (i) for research by researchers, (ii) blended community learning (face-to-face and digital communities), and (iii) helping you -the researcher- work smarter, not harder.  Come learn: (a) how UniMelb has made an IT department one of the most sociable learning places on campus, and (b) how you can establish #ResBaz on your campus (and get the funding support from your Uni to do so).  Free (Open Access) digital copies of the ‘Research Bazaar Cookbook’ will be given away to participants.


Christina is the Training and Development Manager for Research Platforms at the University of Melbourne. Christina edited the textbook The Digital Research Skills Cookbook.

Dr Tyne Sumner is the Senior Research Community Coordinator for Omeka and runs events and training in digital curation, data management, and archiving. She has published articles on the Cold War, confessional poetry, and the relationship between astronomy and typography in the poetry of e.e.cummings. She also has a forthcoming book chapter entitled “Omeka: Make Your Own Museum” out with Indiana University Press in 2018. Tyne is passionate about Digital Humanities and telling stories with data.