Scientific Programmers at NeSI growing researcher capability

Dr Georgina Rae1, Dr Chris Scott2, Dr Alexander Pletzer3, Dr Wolfgang Hayek4,

1New Zealand eScience Infrastructure, Auckland, New Zealand,

2New Zealand eScience Infrastructure, Auckland, New Zealand,

3New Zealand eScience Infrastructure, Wellington, New Zealand,

4New Zealand eScience Infrastructure & National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, Wellington, New Zealand,


The New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI) is New Zealand’s High Performance Computing (HPC) provider and has a vision to grow the capability of New Zealand researchers through the use of digital tools. NeSI’s team includes highly skilled Scientific Programmers who work alongside researchers via training and consultancy projects, providing access to computational skills they wouldn’t otherwise have. This presentation will provide some insight into how NeSI runs these national services with recent case studies, including delving into some of our successes and the challenges we face.


Georgina is Engagement Manager at NeSI where she leads outreach, training, consultancy and stakeholder engagement activities. She has a background in molecular biology and has also worked in intellectual property and commercialisation.

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