Accelerate Scientific Discovery Using Modern Storage Infrastructure

Mr Dave Hiatt1
1WekaIO, San Jose, United States

Title Accelerate Scientific Discovery Using Modern Storage Infrastructure
Synopsis This Solutions Showcase session will have a brief discussion of the challenges faced by traditional data storage systems. It will introduce a software-based storage system that overcomes these challenges and supports modern workloads such as AI and deep learning data sets that consist of large and small files and random and sequential I/O at cloud scale. Emphasis will be on a demo of an operational system that can be deployed on premises or in the public cloud and that enables new use cases and deployment models.
Format of demonstration Live Demonstration
Presenter(s) David Hiatt, Dir. of Strategic Market Development, WekaIO
Target research community All areas of research that are data intensive
Statement of Research Impact The pace of scientific discovery hinges on the ability to capture, collect, analyze, and visualize data in a timely fashion. Research data sets pose unique challenges for storage systems in both size and density. This software-based storage system allows data to be shared amongst researchers and provides over two times higher performance than data on local SSD storage.


David Hiatt is the Director of Strategic Market Development at WekaIO. Throughout his career, Hiatt has specialized in enterprise IT, business and healthcare. Previously, he led healthcare and life sciences activities for HGST and Violin Memory. He has also been a featured speaker on storage related topics at numerous life sciences events. Hiatt received an MBA from the University of Chicago.


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