Cloud Resource Allocation Management System (CRAMS)

Mr Samitha Amarapathy1, Mr Stephen  Dart1, Ms Kerri  Wait1

1Monash eResearch Centre, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Title Cloud Resource Allocation Management System (CRAMS)
Synopsis The Monash University developed Cloud Resource Allocation Management System (CRAMS) is for resource allocation, instantiation and to report resource utilisation across Research Data Storage,  High Performance Computing Platform (HPC), Research Computing Cloud and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.  CRAMS not only enables researchers to request access to resources across  research storage, cloud and  HPC allocations, it also collects project details across all allocations over time to form a rich metadata registry. CRAMS is a production system that is meeting key milestones of its transformation-driven road map. The agile delivery of CRAMS has already released the “Data-Dashboard” which replaces both the manual and paper-based user request form and the VicNode Reporting System for Monash.  As of today, every researcher interaction about storage at Monash is intertwined with the pathway to open-data, the pathway to retention & disposal, and the pathway to optimising tiers of storage.


In this presentation, we will give a quick overview of CRAMS, and give some demonstrations of user and facility workflows across storage, HPC, CVL and cloud.

Format of demonstration  Slide Show and Live Demonstration
Presenter(s) Samitha Amarapathy, CRAMS-Project Lead & Senior Project Manager, Monash eResearch Centre, Monash University


Stephen Dart, Research Storage Manager, Monash eResearch Centre, Monash University


Kerri Wait,  High Performance Computing Consultant, Monash eResearch Centre, Monash University


Target research community Research Data Storage,  High Performance Computing Platform (HPC), and Research Computing Cloud
Statement of Research Impact CRAMS will provide an effective self service mechanism for researchers and research facilities  to request cloud resources, monitor usage and manage own allocations.  CRAMS will further enable faster processing of resource allocation requests and provisioning of resources to end users. CRAMS reporting will enable effective strategic decisions on resource planning across Monash Research Data Storage, High Performance Computing Platform and Research Computing Cloud to address research needs better.


Samitha leads the agile driven application development capability at eResearch and lead and manages IT projects of strategic importance to eResearch including the delivery of CRAMS program of work, MyTardis based implementations in research instrument integration space, projects for research platforms and projects for Australian research cloud –NeCTAR.

Stephen is currently the Research Storage Manager within the Monash eResearch Centre. His key role is the delivery of storage services to the researchers at Monash University and Reserach Platforms they depend on. Stephen has provided his expertise in IT storage management over four decades, to Monash and the wider Victorian research community.

Kerri Wait is an HPC Consultant at Monash University. As an engineer, Kerri has a keen interest in pulling things apart and reassembling them in novel ways. She applies the same principles to her work in eResearch, and is passionate about making scientific research faster, more robust, and repeatable.

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