Curating Arts and Social Sciences collections

Ms Tanya Holm1

1UNSW Library, Coogee, Australia, 


My lightning talk focuses on the Arts and Social Sciences Repository (A&SS Repository). The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is responsible for content and the Library is responsible for the curation of collections. These collections include at-risk and/or orphaned collections, high-value collections and non-traditional research material. The material is often directly generated from a research project and the creators of the collections are not necessarily affiliated with the university.

The talk addresses the provenance of current collections: the Irish Anzacs collection being the output of research funded by the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Program in 2013; the streaming video collection of ‘dance on screen’ which is a product of the ReelDance organization losing its funding in 2012; the collection of audio interviews and transcripts which are the result of ARC-funded research related to the School of the Arts and Media’s participation in an AusStage project; and the Social Science Data Guide collection describing datasets on elections, democracy and autocracy, developed by a researcher from the School of Social Sciences.

Further discussion includes how users engage with the repository (research, study, teaching and artistic development), its content model (content creation and management, the responsibilities of the library and faculty, and rights and permission management) and how it incorporates FAIR principles.

Relevance to conference:

The topic is relevant to the conference topics of ‘Making data FAIR’ and ‘Libraries Supporting Research’ – since the topic of the talk is how the Library is supporting the Arts and Social Sciences faculty in making their collections findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable via the A&SS repository.


Tanya Holm has been a Senior Data Librarian at UNSW Library in Sydney, Australia for the last 2 years. She overseas the institutional and disciplinary repositories managed by the Library.  Previously she worked in Library Application Support for UNILINC,  a not-for-profit organisation.

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