ecocloud – a micro service data enhanced virtual laboratory

Mr Gerhard Weis1

1Griffith University, Meadowbrook, Australia


Title ecocloud – a micro service data enhanced virtual laboratory
Synopsis ecocloud built as a micro service architecture, creates a platform that enables efficient use of hybrid cloud and HPC resources. The main focus is on providing an interactive compute platform, with streamlined data access and usage, enabling reproducible research and collaboration nationally and internationally.

Main tools provided are Jupyter Notebooks and RStudio in a fully personally customizable environment. The architecture is not limited to these tools, and can be easily extended, with a future focus on letting users add additional tools and / or services. Being built with micro services, and fully OAuth enabled means that every feature and service can be consumed by third party tools/applications. ecocloud’s scalable base line infrastructure and services, with commonly used standard tools, gives the opportunity to enhance collaboration between researchers, students and research software engineers, and other data enhanced virtual laboratories.

Format of demonstration Slide Show; some short live demonstrations
Presenter(s) Gerhard Weis, Senior Software Engineer, Griffith University
Target research community Eco Sciences, Cloud Solutions Engineers
Statement of Research Impact Ecocloud provides the infrastructure and tools, for all sorts of eco science related research, teaching and software development, but is not limited to the eco science research community.


Senior Engineer at Griffith University with a background in distributed systems and software architectures. He has worked with the NeCTAR research cloud since the early beginnings and has a passion for reliable, self healing systems and automation.

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