“In teaching you will learn”: Building HASS DEVL training elements collaboratively

Ms Alexis Tindall1

1eRSA, Thebarton, Adelaide, Australia, alexis.tindall@ersa.edu.au


The Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Data-Enhanced Virtual Lab (HASS DEVL) promises a national skills and training framework that supports the range of other project deliverables, including a data curation framework and a workbench environment. This project aims to support an diverse research community, both in ambition,  experience and confidence with data and digital research methods. The project team worked on skills and training elements concurrently with teams working on other project outputs, and these outputs will be tested at a two day Train the Trainer program to be delivered in November.

In this lightning talk Alexis will provide an overview of the HASS DEVL skills and training framework, highlight some of the opportunities in this area, and briefly explore our challenges, including simultaneous development of tools and training, working across a distributed team, and determining the needs of a diverse research community. The delivery of these project outputs has been a learning process, and we might be a lot better at it once the project is finished!


Alexis is part of eRSA’s Research Engagement team, working with humanities and social sciences researchers to help them access data storage and compute facilities through eRSA. In this role she leads the skills and training elements of the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Data-Enhanced Virtual Lab, as well as contributing to the project team and project community engagement.
Alexis has a postgraduate qualification in Museum Studies and extensive project management experience in a variety of environments. Prior to working with eRSA, she worked in natural history museum digitisation and for the Atlas of Living Australia, improving digital accessibility of the nation’s biological collections.

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