Intersect and La Trobe University – Leveraging a relationship through partnership

Jason Schimming1

1La Trobe University


La Trobe University (LTU) joined Intersect as a member in 2016, primarily in response to an increasing need for high-performance computing (HPC) capability in support of La Trobe’s strategic priorities. Over the ensuing three years, the relationship has grown and matured, resulting in LTU expanding its use of HPC, and adopting other major Intersect product and service groups: Time, Energy, Learn, and Space.

This presentation will provide an overview of the development of the relationship between La Trobe University and Intersect Australia, with a focus on three key performance metrics: High Performance Computing, eResearch Analyst initiatives, and realising strategic opportunities.

During the time of La Trobe’s membership, HPC usage has grown strongly, from 75% of the 2016 compute allocation to exceeding 100% of the 2017 allocation and growing further in 2018.

The presence of a full-time, on-campus Intersect eResearch Analyst has been transformative for La Trobe in terms of:

  • Provision of, or the expansion of, eResearch services usage,
  • eResearch skills development encompassing training and expert advice,
  • Researcher consultation and engagement,
  • Identification of strategic opportunities/initiatives and analysis of associated requirements.

As part of the maturing partnership, the timely identification of key technology related pain points and consultative remedial or tactical technical advice, has led to core strategic projects, including a recent project to improve management of the capture and analysis of instrument generated data. Following a detailed requirement gathering and scoping exercise, Intersect worked with LTU to develop a solution that automates the process of capturing data from instruments, upload into Intersect Space, and processing in an Analytical Hub powered by Intersect Time.

La Trobe has a strategic imperative to develop and grow its research capacity, and Intersect play a pivotal role, as a valued partner, in supporting that agenda.


Jason Schimming, is the Manager of Infrastructure, Facilities and Storage at La Trobe University, and is also Acting Manager of the Networks group. Jason joined ICT at La Trobe in 2005 and has been involved many and varied technological advances and changes within the university within the IT infrastructure space. In his capacity as Network Manager, Jason is focussed on providing strategic and implementation programs for La Trobe’s storage and data networks that align with the University’s future ready and cloud based strategies

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