1 year on – ARDC in 2020 and beyond!

Mr Ian Duncan1

1ARDC, St Lucia, Australia

The Australian Research Data Commons, or ARDC, is a result of the integration of the ANDS, NeCTAR, and RDS NCRIS projects, with that integration being completed in 2019.  The ARDC engages in activities and partnerships with institutions, communities, infrastructure providers, our NCRIS colleagues, and researchers to provide Australian researchers with an international research advantage through data.

In 2020 we have embarked on a range of programs across data collections, data retention, cloud computing, research platforms, and workforce data skills development and we have a range of upcoming programs building on and expanding these priority areas.

This session will provide an update and review of our activities thus far; our strategy and vision, and the status of current and proposed ARDC programs and we will use this session to describe the underlying aims and targets and provide an overview of the timetables and processes in the upcoming calls and expressions of interest which will be available for the sector across a range of data elements.


Ian Duncan is the Director of Outreach for the ARDC.  Ian has previously held the roles of Director, Infrastructure and Services at ARDC and was the Director of the RDS project, one of the three projects which integrated to become the ARDC.

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