AARNet’s Review of the Medical Research Institute Sector

Ms Genevieve Rosewall1

1AARNet, Carlton, Australia

Australia’s Academic and Research Network (AARNet) strives towards a long-term vision for a globally networked data-sharing ecosystem that accelerates knowledge creation and innovation. This vision includes reinforcing the resilience of AARNet’s infrastructure and building out new capabilities to meet evolving digital needs. AARNet has a strategic priority to support and invest in health and medical research infrastructure, and aims to remove barriers to access to and sharing, movement and analysis of data for health and medical research.

Rapid advances in health information technology are driving transformation in health research, enabling more complex and efficient research to be conducted. Medical Research Institutes (MRIs) are internationally recognised leaders in health and medical research, covering a broad range of human health issues. To understand requirements across the sector, AARNet engaged with over 35 MRIs to discuss their digital practices, requirements and pain points.

This presentation will outline the engagement activity AARNet has conducted with MRIs over the past few months – consultations with stakeholders to uncover challenges and identify commonalities in requirements of organisations and opportunities for collaboration and growth. The sector analysis and summary that was completed during this engagement will be presented along with potential solutions and actions identified to assist the medical research sector. This presentation will inform the eResearch community of digital challenges and issues faced by those conducting health and medical research across Australia.


As the Health and Medical Community Liaison at AARNet Genevieve works closely with researchers to understand the digital research requirements of the Health & Medical community. Working nationally Genevieve advises on service development and assists with the deployment of technologies and workflows to meet the needs of Australia’s Health & Medical research community.

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