Announcing the Australian Research Environment (ARE)

Dr Jenni Harrison1, Dr Carina Kemp2, Mr Allan Williams3

1Pawsey Supercomputing Centre,  Australia
2ARRNet, , Australia
3The National Computation Infrastructure, , Australia


PAWSEY, AARNet and NCI (The collaboration) are the leading providers of high-end national research infrastructure and associated services and are committed to delivering innovative solutions to support the Australian research community.  Working collaboratively, using the National Research Roadmap for support, the Collaboration these understand there is a need to establish a sustainable and trusted service to accelerate big data research in Australia.


The collaboration identified some time ago that there was a need for easy to access computation to help support researchers across Australia in a consistent, sustainable and scalable way.  They identified the complicated offerings in the national landscape with the introduction of commercial providers of compute also now providing a service to the research sector.  Additionally, with the onset of a global pandemic and the associated severe fiscal restrictions on the research sector, the collaboration set out to provide a streamlined, nationally integrated workspace connected by high speed links for all Australian researchers that:

  • Promotes high quality research and encourages innovation
  • Provides a secure and trusted environment that is integrated into the national data and HPC platforms
  • Is economically sustainable, scalable and cost effective
  • Reduces complexity for researchers enabling them to focus on the research and reduce the time to results.


The result is the introduction of the Australian Research Environment a national initiative which will be commencing service during 2021.  It will be accessible to Australian researchers, empowering and supporting innovation, enabling development across industry, government and academia.


Jenni is a passionate leader in technology. A PhD-qualified medicinal chemist and MSc qualified in digital education, Jenni migrated from Scotland where she was delivering national multi-institution digital projects and initiatives advancing healthcare, to become Head of Data at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.  Jenni, now Director of Strategic Project and Engagement, has forged many effective research collaborations, has secured significant research funding and has developed strategic partnerships with many international organisations.  Jenni is an inclusive, strategic thinker who leads on STEM initiatives.  An AICD graduate, she uses her skills to increase diversity. Jenni is a lifelong learner and published author.

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