ARCOS: Findings from a roadmap to establish a national capability for containers

Dr Steven Manos1

1University of Melbourne  eResearch Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Containers have been described as a computer within a computer, which allows researchers to run software without installation, saving time and effort. Kubernetes is the emerging open source project that has become the most commonly-used approach for multi-cloud application deployment using containers.

The Australian Research Container Orchestration Service (ARCOS) seeks to emulate the transformational impact of the ARDC (OpenStack) Core Services competency by establishing a national collaborative Kubernetes Core Service to support the use of containers and container orchestration in the research sector. The ARDC’s Storage and Compute theme are working with the research community to develop the requirements for ARCOS and a plan for implementing the service.

The primary objectives ARCOS are:

-To engage with Australian research infrastructure providers, developers and researchers to collate and understand their use of Kubernetes

-Collect information on how Kubernetes is being used internationally as an input into ARCOS

-Coordinate efforts and foster collaboration across research communities

-Bring together service providers from the academic and research community to establish and exchange best practice on the application of Kubernetes within the Australian research sector

-Make recommendations on national services and community activities

-Provide input into the implementation of a national Kubernetes Service for researchers.

During this presentation we will outline the vision of ARCOS, provide an update of the current progress of the initiative, solicit feedback from the audience and encourage those interested in this groundbreaking initiative to participate in its development.


Steven has 15 years of experience working at the intersection of research practice and digital technologies. He brings a mix of skills in facilitation, strategy and tech, and has a big focus on partnerships and community building. His ambition is to deliver a more united national workforce of research support specialists providing valuable expertise and new services to the research community.