Best Practice for FAIR and Sustainable Research Software

Dr Michelle Barker1,Mr Nicholas May2, Mr Tom Honeyman3, Rebecca Lange4, Justin Baker5

1Research Software Alliance
4Curtin University


This BoF aims to utilise audience expertise to identify examples of best practice in developing FAIR/sustainable software for research, to advance community knowledge and networks.

The FAIR For Research Software Working Group (FAIR4RS WG) is leading the research software community in the crucial step of agreeing how to apply the FAIR principles to research software by mid-2021. This BoF will engage the audience by identifying local examples of best practice in creating FAIR software and utilising the Lamprecht et al paper to provide guidance on what the FAIR principles might include. The best practice examples can be used to promote the FAIR principles for research software when finalised.

This BoF brings together 3 organisations:

– Research Software Alliance (ReSA)’s co-convening of the FAIR4RS WG with Research Data Alliance (RDA) and FORCE11 to create international community-agreed standards and guidelines

– RSE-AUNZ in sharing the best research software practices across the community

– ARDC in working towards research software as a first class research output

Why attend?

– Engagement with work developing the FAIR principles for research software

– Sharing of best practice to enable knowledge transfer across projects

– Development of networks across the RSE community

– Contribution to a set of impact stories from the community demonstrating best practice for sustainable sesearch software.

– Increased awareness of the activities of RSE-AUNZ, ReSA and ARDC


– 3 x short talks from each organisation

– Topic identification  to guide breaking into smaller groups

– Breakout into groups

– Report backs


Michelle is the Director of the Research Software Alliance (ReSA). She has extensive expertise in open science, research software, digital workforce capability and digital research infrastructure. As a sociologist, Michelle is passionate about building collaborative partnerships to achieve system change.

She recently chaired the OECD Global Science Forum expert group on digital skills for the research sector, is an Advisory Committee Member of the US Software Sustainability Institute (URSSI). Michelle is a former Director of the Australian Research Data Commons.

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