COVID-19 eResearch Experiences and Collaborations in Australasia and Southeast Asia – Upskilling Support for Pandemic Response, Preparedness and Recovery

Dr Markus Buchhorn1, Sam Moskwa2, Dr Idris Sulaiman2,3, Rowland Mosbergen

1Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (

2Australasia eResearch Organisations (

3SE Asia Engagement


The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting countries in Southeast Asia and the broader Indo-Pacific region in ways that increasingly demand Australia and New Zealand’s collective attention since in fighting a global pandemic, no country can go it alone.

The ability to weather a crisis of this magnitude depends upon partnerships and collaboration around research capacity and infrastructure, public health capacity, economic, social and many other aspects.

This Birds of a Feather aims to provide participants the opportunity to consider potential topics that centre on the acceleration of upskilling and access to e-Research infrastructure and data sharing capabilities for the region. Disciplinary efforts to develop data-driven, timely and effective upskilling to the Pandemic as part of national and regional COVID-19 responses.


To help address inequities in medical research capability and capacity by leveraging opportunities with the

Australasian research infrastructure providers and the wider research community.

Overview of emerging trends obtained from various stakeholders

* Extent of recognition that sharing data is important and worthwhile

* Requirements for greater capacity in computational infrastructure

* Extent of recognition that community-led infrastructure development is important


* Introduction and Overview of eResearch experiences and constraints (10 minutes)

* Panel of speakers, discussants and general discusions(Lighting Talks & discussion: 40 min.)

* Possible Threads:

(1) Designing vaccines through High Performance Computing (HPC) and “big data” techniques

(2) Framework for Research Data Management and eResearch Community of Practice (CoP) Development

(3) Data Sharing Standards (such as Research Data Alliance COVID-19 Data Sharing Guidelines) (4) Role of Identity and Federated Access Management

* Wrap-up for take-aways (10 minutes)

* Possible extra time for networking at following break of eResConf (10 minutes, 14:30 – 14:40)


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