Development of a DMP-driven Research Data Platform: A Case Study based on NII Research Data Cloud in Japan

Dr Mao Tsunekawa1, Dr Ikki Fujiwara1, Dr Yusuke Komiyama1, Dr Kazutsuna Yamaji1

1Research Center for Open Science and Data Platform, National Institute Of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan

Managing the research data consistently with the data management plan (DMP) ensures the essential requirements of research compliance and make research data FAIR. Machine-actionable DMP helps researchers to keep track of their actions along with a research data life cycle. In Japan, NII Research Data Cloud (NII RDC) is developed under the mission to provide nationwide service for facilitating data-centric science and open science. To support the different phases of the research, the NII RDC consists of three basic platforms: a research data management platform (GakuNin RDM), a repository platform (WEKO3), and a discovery platform (CiNii Research). The next challenge is to orchestrate these platforms for enabling DMP compliant transition between processes. After the careful comparison of the existing open source software so called DMP tools, ReDBoX2.0 has been chosen because of its concept. The preferable function is that the ReDBoX2.0 is originally intended to develop not only just writing DMP itself but also deploying an appropriate research environment associated with DMP. We expanded ReDBoX2.0 APIs to command our existing platforms in a machine-actionable manner. As an initial development, we succeeded in providing researchers with a general research environment compliant with DMPs by functions to deploy projects on GakuNin RDM associated with DMPs and generate a manifest for Jupyter Notebooks. In the future, we are planning to develop a supportive function in the publication process between GakuNin RDM and WEKO3, which allow researchers to contribute open science with a lower barrier.


TSUNEKAWA Mao is Project Manager for DMP System at Research Center for Open Science and Data Platform(RCOS), National Institute of Informatics(NII), Japan. Mao is also working with a project about creating training materials for research data management as a member of the working group of research data, Japan Consortium for Open Access Repository(JPCOAR).


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