Dimensions on Google BigQuery: The world’s largest and most diverse research information data set at your analytical fingertips

Dr Daniel Hook1

1Digital Science, London, UK

Two of the key themes in information science today are context and security.  In this talk we show a new, efficient approach to contextualising the information that you hold about the research community within your organisation while keeping institutional data secure.  We will share a high-level technical summary of the approach and demonstrate how this connects to and augments your existing reporting and analysis infrastructure.  We then provide a practical illustration of the power of this approach with two case studies.  The first will show how to take data from a typical university research information management system and build context around these data to support strategic decision making throughout the institution; the second will focus on using enhanced levels of data access available through this tool to derive a bespoke set of insights around the current COVID situation.


Daniel Hook is CEO of Digital Science. He has been involved in research information management and software development for over a decade. Daniel is a mathematical physicist by training and holds visiting positions at Imperial College London and Washington University in St Louis. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, and of the Centre for Science and Policy at the University of Cambridge. Daniel serves on the ORCID board as its Treasurer and is a co-chair of the Research on Research Institute.


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