Galaxy Australia – a 2020 update

Dr Gareth Price1, Mr Simon Gladman2, Professor Andrew Lonie3

1QCIF Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics, St Lucia, Australia
2University of Melbourne, Carlton, Australia
3Australian BioCommons, Carlton, Australia


Galaxy Australia is in its third year of operation as a national platform, backed by years of institutional operation. The platform has shown user number growth in the thousands per year. The platform has matured from year-on-year funding to long term secured support and is now looking to “industrialise” itself to further meet the needs of Australian researchers that are continuing to turn to Galaxy Australia as a reliable, reproducible and transparent platform for data analysis in the life sciences.


Optimisation of the Galaxy deployment, by the Galaxy Australia team and infrastructure providers have increased service uptime over the last year. Additionally policies and procedures for operation of the broadening tool set, reference data and user request types have strengthened operational efficiency.


Galaxy Australia has seen growth in the last two years of; 4,000+ users and 500+ tools, with 70+ associated peer reviewed publications. The platform has deployed new Pulsar’s at Pawsey and University of Melbourne. The platform is now establishing high-memory nodes, more Pulsars, a new head node configuration, to allow new analysis modalities (long-read sequencing, plant and mammalian genome assemblies, proteomics and metabolomics). Presented here is a schematic review of the roadmap for Galaxy for the next 3 to 5 years.


Galaxy Australia is planning on a tripling of user numbers in 3 years, with eight times more data being analysed. To achieve these goals the platform is building on its robust deployment to strengthen availability, utility and ongoing relevance to Australian researchers.


Dr Gareth Price is Head of Computational Biology at QCIF Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics. In this role Gareth manages the diverse spectrum of researcher lead questions involving genomic data, provides training in genomic data analysis, as well as leading Galaxy Australia ( as Platform Manager.

Gareth has 20 years’ experience as a Bioinformatician and Genomics Scientist.

Gareth’s view is that research is at its best when coupled with the most accurate, highest throughput and innovative technology and analysis modalities.

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