Life in the fast lane: moving researcher training from the ground to the cloud

Ms Maria Connor1, Ms Sharron Stapleton2, Ms Michelle DuBroy1, Ms Maria Weaver1

1Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia
2Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

Pre-COVID-19, Griffith University Library research staff faced multiple challenges delivering training to researchers. With five separate campuses across South East Queensland, the logistics of organising workshops in different locations, wrangling rooms and factoring in travel times were challenges we accepted as normal.

Working online from home has allowed us to create a more equitable, scalable and sustainable workshop series. We’ve embraced multiple online delivery options (MS Teams, Collaborate Ultra, Github, MS Sway), finding the best platforms to use depending on learning objectives and content.  Serendipitously, barriers to researcher training up-take and the perennial question of how to run a hands-on, interactive workshop online were addressed.

This approach has significantly increased training attendance, allowing researchers both within Australia and beyond to participate. Learners have been actively involved in programs, asking questions, making comments and connecting with each other.  Feedback indicates researchers who wouldn’t previously have attended workshops are now able to join in and benefit from both skills development and the ability to participate in a community of learners at a time and location that suits.

The presentation will explore the design and implementation, ongoing improvement and lessons learned for:

  • week-long self-paced programs with online chat assistance and Q&A sessions for advanced literature searching, and literature reviews using bibliometric network analysis;
  • online, follow-along data wrangling workshops supported by self-paced modules;
  • self-paced reference management online & video tutorials with follow up live online Q&A sessions.


Sharron Stapleton is a Library Research Specialist at Griffith University, where she develops and provides data wrangling and visualisation training, advice, and support.

Maria Connor is a Library Research Specialist at Griffith University, specialising in bibliometrics.

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