Mapping the Australian Geospatial Data/Services Landscape and Future Tasks for the Geospatial Capabilities Community of Practice

Michael Rigby1, Kheeran Dharmawardena2, Melanie Barlow3, Siddeswara Guru4

1AURIN, Melbourne , Australia
2Cytrax Consulting, Melbourne, Australia
3ARDC, Canberra, Australia
4TERN, Brisbane, Australia

Australia’s geospatial data and services landscape is rapidly changing with new capabilities, updated programs and responsibilities. In response, researchers and practitioners are expressing needs to understand what is available where and how to connect, so as to analyse and deliver outcomes at different levels. To address this a human and machine-readable representation of the data and services landscape is required, one that can effectively represent objects and link these together in a graph-based representation that allows users to traverse the landscape, identify gaps and potential opportunities. Drawing on materials captured from ‘The Case for National Coordination in Spatial information’ birds of feather session at eResearch 2019, the ARDC Geospatial Capabilities Community of Practice (GeoCapCoP) was established to coordinate activities towards the development of national coordination in geospatial information. To understand the landscape the GeoCapCoP performed a mapping exercise to chart the flow of data and metadata between different organisations. A working group was established to wrangle the map into a formal register, fleshing out the details of objects such as data, data store, metadata and metadata registry, delivered by services such as catalogues or API endpoints. The BoF will discuss the outcome of this exercise and progress towards the development of the registry. The interactive session will take community feedback to plan future directions towards the development of national coordination in the spatial information and linkage with other national initiatives such as Australia’s Foundation Spatial Data Framework LINK platform maintained by ANZLIC.


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