Research Data Management service: a health check

Jacky Cho, Adele Haythornwaite, Peter Sefton, Dr Kwun Lun Cho1, Dr Nichola Burton2, Mr Keith  Russell2, Ai-Lin Soo, Katy Toufexis

1UNSW, UNSW Sydney, Australia
2ARDC, Caulfield East, Australia

Presenters: Jacky Cho, Keith Russell, Nichola Burton, Adele Haythornthwaite, Helena Lynn, Peter Sefton

With the increasing complexity, cost, and risk in managing research data, many universities have sought to improve and align research data management (RDM) practices at their institution through a mix of IT infrastructure uplifts alongside policy development, engagement, and training.

At UNSW, after 2 years, this presents an opportunity for us to evaluate the current state of RDM at our institution as we deal with strategic planning, resourcing, and sustainability. With this in mind, an aligned RDM service framework facilitated by the ARDC and universities will be invaluable in allowing us to benchmark within an Australasian context.

This 60 min BoF will involve a series of presentations by institutions on an overview of their current state of RDM services in reference to the RISE framework, currently used by the ARDC to facilitate workshops in self-assessing institutional RDM capabilities.


Data Management Planning


Advisory Service

Active Data Management

Appraisal/Risk Assessment


Access and Publishing


We will then facilitate an open discussion to draw upon input from the audience on wider experiences of other universities with a view on discussing the following questions:

–              Does the RISE framework cover the breadth of RDM services required?

–              Is there benefit in an ongoing exchange between universities on defining an RDM maturity model?

–              What would be a useful outcome of such an exercise?

This BoF is aimed at those interested in the design and delivery of research data policies, procedures, and services including institutional directors, administrators, support, and library staff.


Jacky Cho is a project officer in the office of PVC-Research Infrastructure at the University of New South Wales. Prior to this role, he was a researcher in physical and surface chemistry. In his current role, he is responsible for a variety of projects to uplift research data services and support at UNSW.

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