Research software development workflows in Julia, applied to JuMP.

Dr Frederik Geth1, Dr Rahmat  Heidarihaei1, Dr James Foster1

1CSIRO, Newcastle, Australia

In this talk we dive into Julia package development workflows, using Visual Studio Code with the Julia plugin as a development environment.

We focus on workflows for small packages in the context of scientific research.

To illustrate this, we develop a new module with JuMP, a mathematical optimization toolbox in Julia, as a dependency.

We showcase initialization of a new module and how to use version control, unit testing, documentation generation and continuous integration through Github Actions.

Finally, we show how to use the package manager, and set up environments, to streamline the development process.


Frederik Geth is a research scientist working with the CSIRO in Newcastle in the energy systems program. He is a power system engineer and obtained a PhD from the university of Leuven in Belgium in 2014. His research focus is applications of optimization models in distribution network operations, including unbalanced state estimation and optimal control of battery storage systems.

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